About Us


The COVID-19 pandemic has the world scrambling for solutions to go back to normal living conditions. Pandemic responses have created the need to identify bacteria and viruses in indoor air quality and disinfect immediately and effectively.

UPI has completed an exhaustive analysis of proven market solutions and is bringing its resources and experience to bring holistic solutions to its customers to stop the spread of Covid-19:

Market Opportunity

Artificial Intelligence, machine learning, big data, Internet of Things and the cloud, have enabled significant new value through real estate technologies, whether they be the elimination of existing costs in the sector or the improvement of design and operations in new build, operations and maintenance of real estate assets.

PropTech has seen significant growth in the last several years with $6.3 billion(US) in investments globally.
PropTech has a $7.3 billion(US) market opportunity size in the US and Canada.
As an operating building control systems company (HVAC/Building controls company), UPI de-risks the testing and deployment of innovative proptech solutions. We beta test tech with our existing clients and ensure that the proptech being developed by our technology partners is what customers need and want.

What We Do

UPI invests in people, ideas and innovation to deliver customer-centric healthy building solutions and services.

UPI will have several unique operating and marketing entities under it, and focus on de-risking technology investments such as:

  • Technology – where an opportunity to globally license commercial PropTech (equipment/software), generate licensing and/or distribution agreements to leverage additional values from R&D
  • Covid-19/IEQ – Stop the spread of Covid-19, assess and enhance indoor air and environmental quality for healthy buildings, design and project manage building performance projects and programs
  • Healthy Building Services – VCI Controls continues to install and service HVAC and Building Automation Systems for healthy buildings
  • Energy Resources – Integrate and optimize renewables and conventional energy, storage and controls to maximize transactive energy
  • Financing – self-finance credit-worthy or de-risked solutions for customers

Vision & Values

Universal Proptech Inc. will be the leading diversified investment platform in proptech innovation, integration and ongoing services for building developers, owners and operators in North America. We will invest in people, ideas and innovation to deliver customer-centric healthy buildings.


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