VCI Controls

UPI’s portfolio company, VCI Controls, has been used in Federal Government facilities for over 20 years. It provides real estate managers turnkey HVAC Building Controls design, equipment, installation and ongoing operations and maintenance services for Industrial, Commercial, Institutional and Multi-residential customers. VCI operates from the east coast to Ontario.

  • VCI already possesses under-utilized IP in building controls to add in additional monitoring inputs and equipment controls.
  • Diverse revenue streams via products, installations and ongoing services.
  • Existing credit-worthy customer base to grow share of wallet from.

Technology that Protects People

UPI is introducing Touchless Facial Recognition, Temperature Detection and Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) Technology to Improve Hygiene and Security Standards in any Public, High-Risk or Restricted-Access Environment.

Delta-X™ Trust solutions can be applied to communities, office buildings, bus stations, airports, hotels, schools, hospitals and other public places with heavy traffic, helping to achieve intelligent security management and disease prevention.

Utilizing our integration approach VCI is in the process of rolling out the DeltaX technology to certain key clients.

Investment Strategy

UPI’s diversified investment platform is seeking additional investments in proptech solutions such as those:

  • Utilizing UV to sanitize building environments
  • Energy Efficiency AI/Machine Learning
  • Energy Management of supply and demand loads with AI/Machine Learning
  • Heat recovery systems
  • Thermal optimization systems
  • Fintech

If you are interested in having your company reviewed by the Universal PropTech team, please send an email to info@universalproptech.com that includes: your name, organization, your interest, and an executive summary or presentation.


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