Universal PropTech Identifies Unhealthy Levels of Indoor Air Quality in Buildings and Highlights Progress with ISBRG Corp Investment

Toronto, Ontario – November 4, 2021 – Universal PropTech Inc. (TSXV: UPI | OTCQB:UPIPF | FSE:8LH) (“UPI” or the “Company“) is pleased to announce the Company’s advancements with Indoor Air Quality monitoring, and an update regarding ISBRG Corp. (“ISBRG“), an investee company in which UPI holds a small minority interest and certain Canadian distribution rights.


Indoor Air Quality Monitoring

On July 6th, 2021, the Company announced an agreement to integrate Indoor Air Quality (“IAQ”) monitoring devices into the Company’s Building Automation Systems (“BAS”). Initial integration with the Company’s BAS will be complete before end of 2021. The IAQ monitoring devices use Intelligent Particle Sensors (“IPS“) along with algorithms and artificial intelligence to identify a range of particulate matter (“PM“) from Indoor Sources from 10 microns down to 0.1 microns. This is critical because viruses that are airborne are approximately PM 0.1 to PM 0.5 microns in size. To-date, this is the only sensor to pass tests for PM <1 (by Korea Electronics Technology Institute).

Over the past month the Company deployed dozens of its IAQ monitoring devices in commercial and institutional facilities in Ontario to monitor IAQ, and the initial results are astounding:

Chart showing Unhealthy levels, as based on Environmental Protection Agency(Figure 1 IAQ measures between 8:30am and 9:30am on Nov 9-21 at an Ontario private school with HEPA units; Each minute is colour coded based on Air Quality Index by EPA standards; RED is UNHEALTHY; AQI is the Air Quality Index as listed by EPA.

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  • Unhealthy levels, as based on Environmental Protection Agency (“EPA”) ratings, were identified in an education facility that is actively using HEPA units to clean the air;
  •  PM <1 is air borne and in abundance in facilities with MERV 8 filters; and
  •  On only one high-heat demand day in Ontario, registered over a week ago, all monitoring facilities registered unhealthy levels of PM 0.1 while the central heating systems ramped up for heat.

As temperatures continue to fall and heating season is upon us, the Company is rolling out additional IAQ monitoring kits with strategic partners to audit IAQ levels across Canada.

The Company expects to announce additional learnings, solutions, sales and partnerships in coming weeks and months.


ISBRG Corp Update

ISBRG continues to conduct clinical trials on its SpotLight-19© device (“Clinical Trial“) technology at Ontario-based assessment centers under an Investigational Testing Authorization (ITA) that it received earlier this year from Health Canada. ISBRG has recently developed a next generation SpotLight-19© “beta” device which it is introducing to its Clinical Trial, along with the original “alpha” device.

ISBRG is in the process of arranging Clinical Trials for SpotLight-THC© in the USA (to follow its Canadian SpotLight-19© Clinical Trials) as one of several intended extensions of its platform technology.

Stemming from these developments, ISBRG has filed four (4) additional patents over the past 6 months.

ISBRG has also enhanced its spectroscopy and AI teams by adding several key members to its team and has added global commercialization and distribution expertise to its Advisory Board with former senior executives from both Siemens and PepsiCo. ISBRG has also opened a small laboratory in the hospital district of downtown Toronto, Canada.


About ISBRG Subscription and Agency Agreement with UPI

In February 2021, UPI acquired a small minority interest in ISBRG and secured the exclusive agency rights to sell to certain governmental and educational facilities in Canada (subject to the exclusion of certain segments), including federal, provincial, territorial and municipal facilities, as well as Canadian primary, secondary and post-secondary education facilities (both private and public). ISBRG has entered into several, similarly structured license agreements, with companies covering a wide range of global, North American and national markets

ISBRG’s SpotLight-19© is designed to leverage advancements in optics, artificial intelligence, and medical know-how to detect the presence of infection caused by multiple variants of the COVID-19 virus. SpotLight-19© uses light to scan the fingertip. The speed (less than 20 seconds) and cost of the test (approximately one dollar), combined with the non-invasive nature of the test (no body fluid of any kind is required), has the potential to test large numbers of people without the prohibitive delays and environmental damage associated with current chemical reagent-based tests. ISBRG’s technology platform and its multiple product applications are subject to regulatory approval and until such approval is secured, will not be commercially available.


About Universal PropTech Inc.

Universal PropTech Inc. (TSXV: UPI | OTCQB: UPIPF | FSE: 8LH) is a leading building innovation company, selecting, integrating, deploying, and maintaining PropTech in healthy buildings. As trusted advisors, we provide holistic evidence-driven solutions and services for building developers, owners, and operators in Canada. UPI operates through its wholly owned subsidiary, VCI Controls Inc. (“VCI“), a leading supplier and integrator of PropTech healthy building solutions and services. VCI is an industry leader in the acquisition and deployment of intelligent building technology, including the integration of all building systems utilizing the latest in communications technologies and standards. VCI’s business focuses on digital controls and mechanical services, performance monitoring, and energy efficiency solutions.

With headquarters in Toronto, Universal PropTech Inc. has offices across Canada including, Halifax, Montreal, and Ottawa. For more information, visit www.universalproptech.com.


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